Caucus Tuesday

To enrolled members of the Democratic Party of the town of Mansfield, CT:

Pursuant to the rules of the Democratic Party, you are herby notified that a caucus will be held on March 25th, 2014 at 8:30pm in the Council Chambers of Mansfield Town Hall, 4 South Eagleville Rd, Mansfield CT to elect delegates to the Democratic state convention, the 2nd Congressional District convention, the 29th State Senate District convention, the 48th General Assembly District convention and the Judge of Probate convention and to transact such business as that may properly come before said caucus.

Mark LaPlaca
Chair, Mansfield DTC

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New Democratic Town Committee

The Mansfield Democratic Town Committee will elect a new DTC at a caucus on January 14th at 8pm at the Audrey Beck Municipal Building (Town Hall) in Council Chambers.

The Mansfield DTC consists of 55 Democrats who are elected to two year terms. The current terms end the first week of March 2014. However, a new DTC must be elected at this caucus.

Duties of members of the DTC include: 

  • Recommending candidates for all municipal offices.
  • Recommending delegates to nominating conventions for statewide and federal elected offices.
  • Recommending replacements to fill any vacancies in municipal offices.
  • Electing 10 Democratic Justices of the Peace
  • Working hard to elect Democratic candidates at all levels
  • Actively promoting Democratic values

The  Nominating Committee is holding hearings for prospective new members of the DTC on the Monday, January 6th and Thursday, January 9th at Town Hall beginning at 6:30 pm in Conference Room B.

All registered Democrats in Mansfield who have an interest in serving their community, including those who have never served before, may present themselves at these times. However, because only one candidate can be interviewed at a time, you should contact one of the names below to schedule a time, if possible.

For further information, contact either the chair of the Nominating Committee, Jim Mark at 860-429-4625 or the chair of the Mansfield Democratic Town Committee, Mark LaPlaca at 860-315-2868.

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The Truth About Mansfield’s Financial State

The Mansfield Democrats have maintained the high quality of our public schools and public services during challenging economic times. Listening to Republican candidates and reading the Mansfield “Independent” News (published by the chair of the Mansfield Republican Town Committee) one would think economic ruin was imminent. Below are a few facts that are ignored by the Tea Party rhetoric coming from those sources.

Here are some facts about Mansfield’s finances.  Continue reading

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