• Budget Referendum: Remember to Vote Tuesday

    The advisory referendum on the town and school budget is on Tuesday, June 18th.  All voting in Mansfield will be at the Audrey Beck Municipal Building, 4 South Eagleville Rd, Mansfield CT.   Voting is from 6 am until 8 pm. Please get out and VOTE YES! Remind your friends and neighbors to do so as well.

    The budget was approved at the annual town meeting by an overwhelming majority of those in attendance. The vote was 81% in favor and only 19% opposed.

    Worried about the possibility of losing over a million dollars in state aid, the Town Council passed a general government budget that actually is $50,000 less than the current year.

    After four consecutive years with flat budgets despite increasing costs, the Mansfield Board of Education adopted a budget with a small 1.7% increase. Citing the same concerns over possible loss of state aid, the Town Council slashed that proposal by over $352,000 – resulting in a 5th straight year at zero and for the first time, actual proposed layoffs in our schools.

    At the town meeting, citizens restored $200,000 to the school budget and the layoffs and reductions in special ed and regular transportation were averted.

    Since the town meeting, the state has passed a budget that, in fact DOES NOT cut aid to Mansfield – the town will NOT be losing the 1.1 million dollars the Council was worried about.

    Mansfield Democrats urge you to please vote YES to support the adopted budget and on the advisory questions, that the budget is too LOW. The Council may then utilize these funds (not extra – same as last year) to restore a few needed programs, reduce the mill rate increase, and pay cash for some town and school projects instead of borrowing the money.

  • Results of Town Meeting

    The Town of Mansfield’s Annual Town Meeting for Budget Consideration was held on May 14, 2013.  The proposed 2013/2014 budget was amended to increase the Board of Education’s funding by $200,000.  The amended budget was passed with 151 voting in favor and 37 opposed.

  • Mansfield Democrats Seeking Candidates

    The Mansfield Democratic Town Committee is currently seeking candidates interested in running for election in the fall of 2013. Democrats who are seeking to serve usually begin by exploring their options and learning more about the process by which candidates for public boards and commissions are nominated.

     The Nominating Committee of the MDTC will make recommendations for the following:

    • Mansfield Town Council
    • Mansfield Board of Education (PreK – 8 )
    • Region #19 Board of Education (EO Smith)
    • Planning and Zoning Commission
    • Zoning Board of Appeals
    • Board of Assessment Appeals

    The  Nominating Committee will be holding open hearings for prospective candidate in early June. All registered Democrats in Mansfield who have an interest in serving their community, including those who have never served before, may seek endorsement to be on the slate for the next term. You are encouraged to do so, or forward this communication to interested Democrats.

    For further information, contact either the chair of the Nominating Committee, Jim Mark at 429-4625 or the chair of the Mansfield Democratic Town Committee, Mark LaPlaca at 423-8119.

  • Where to vote in Mansfield

    Mansfield now has 4 voting precincts:

    1. Mansfield Community Center
    2. Eagleville Fire Station
    3. Buchanan Center/Mansfield Library
    4. Annie Vinton Elementary School (behind school in outer building)

    Click HERE to find out where you vote!

  • Mansfield Democratic Caucus